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Open from May 3rd-August 31st

Check out this short video with your students for tips on finding and reading great books on myON. Then follow these simple steps to access the myON platform.


1.    Visit http://about.myon.com/GetGAReading to get registered. Under the Job Title field, type in: Reader. Once you have registered, instructions on your county-specific log-in will be sent to you within 24 – 48 hours. 2.    Go to myON.com and click the Log In Now button.

3.    Enter the following information: 

  • School Name: Get Georgia Reading
  • Username: houstoncounty
  • Password: read

4.    Click on the Sign In button, select a book, and start reading! 

Tip: To be sure your system is myON-ready, click here.



Tumble Books


Username pstephens  Password:  reads

Science 3rd-5th Topics (Nonfiction)


Username:  pearles   Password:  pearl310 

 Capstone Interactive Library


Username:  pstephens  Password: school 

 FolletteShelf Interactive Library


Username: firstname.lastname   Password:  firstname.lastname

There are ten student accounts available for use.  
Usernames/Passwords:  student.one through student.ten

Galileo Research Databases and eBooks

You only need a password for accessing it outside of school.  
The password is chance.

Galileo Research Databases



Houghton Mifflin Social Studies eBook Library & Resources


3rd grade student username psesgrade3
4th grade student username psesgrade4
5th grade student username psesgrade5

The password for all students is password.

 For social studies eBooks, after you log in click on Online Leveled Books, then on Find Reading Group.  You should click on either 3rd Graders, 4th Graders, or 5th Graders.  You should now be able to search for online social studies eBooks.

For Teachers, to access the social studies student leveled readers use the following:
psesteacher3, psesteacher4, or psesteacher5 with password as the password.


Other Resources

 Social Studies Biography eBooks for

Online Textbook Library Link

Link to C.B. Watson Primary eBook Library Information