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Ambassadors of Pearl

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E. Sadler Phone Icon 478 929 7895 Email Icon Email
  J. Wiley Phone Icon 478 929 7895 Email Icon Email


Faculty Sponsors/Contact- E. Sadler and J. Wiley

Membership Requirement- Teacher recommendation (one student from every class)

Financial Obligations/Dues- Students will be invited to attend a team building event in the Fall.  Students will be required to purchase a special shirt to wear for certain events or meeting days.

Mission/Purpose- Ambassadors will begin to look at data trends in the school and class settings.  Students will discuss leadership roles and responsibilities.  They will help facilitate special programs such as Awards Day and special guest appearances.

Ambassadors will meet at least once a month and will be required to maintain a data notebook for their class.  They will be required to redeliver information back to their class during a specified time.